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eProdat is an international consulting firm specialised in privacy and data protection. We began as a startup in Spain in 1997. Over the years we have been able to profile ourselves as a true market leader in data protection in Spain, thanks to the development of our own methodology and software. Our in-depth expertise and years of experience with the entry of the GDPR has allowed us to start rolling out our services across Europe since 2018. Today we are represented in the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal and Spain and have partner locations worldwide.


Our Team

We offer our clients experts who specialise in legal services relating to the processing, protection and use of personal data and the GDPR regulations.

Our Clients

We work for both SMEs and large companies. We have experience with clients from various sectors, including medical associations and foundations, NGOs, schools, … 

It is our goal to build a good relationship between us and our clients in order to contribute to their success.