ePRODAT likes to work maintaining a holistic approach to the European Data Protection Regulation providing its own methodology for the performance of all tasks and activities that allow your company to be compliant with legislation on Data Protection and Privacy.


  1. For us is really important to understand the Organization’s business and the level of compliance and accountability in terms of data protection and information security.
  2. Identify non-compliances and, where applicable, carry out improvements aimed at ensuring adherence to the European Data Protection Regulation.
  3. Reduce and manage the risks arising from non-compliance.
  4. Adapt the Organization and all business processes in which personal data are processed to the European Data Protection Regulation.
  5. Encourage a culture of compliance and respect for individual privacy.

Data Protection Impact Assesments

DPIA act as an early warning system

E-Privacy +

Adaptation to the law on information society services and electronic commerce & digital business, and consumer

DPO Services

 ePRODAT take on the role of the Data Protection Officer

Depending on your Organization needs we can offer three main services:

1. GDPR PROOF – For all type of organizations that process Personal Data.
Adapting your business to the General Data Protection Regulation is the first step to be compliant.

2. GDPR SERVICES – For organizations that process personal data and want to take care of their information systems and privacy, whether by processing data categorized as sensitive, “profiling”, or the use of new technologies in the processing of personal data.  (For example, Healthcare, Schools, Recruiters, Accountants…)

We offer different GDPR Services, including outsourcing of the Data Protection Officer’s responsibilities, conduct the Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA), as well as the important task of training staff.

3. GDPR TOOLS – For DPO’s, Legal Advisors or Accountants

We can provide you with the necessary expertise and support to deliver the best GDPR Services. We do this with our in-house developed Software and Toolkit.


If you are an organisation and want to be compliant with the new GDPR but don’t know where to start, our GDPR proof package is made for you.

We will design and create a Personal Data Privacy Framework based on your needs, that will allow your Organisation to adhere and comply with the GDPR.

We like to think that we are part of your Organisation. We work together with you or your team on adequating and also maintain compliance on time. We offer permanent support, keeping your organization flexible to face the changes that are taking place in the Personal Data Privacy field and keeping it up to date to the latest version of the GDPR.

This yearly maintenance service includes:

  • GDPR Implementation – Deliver Documentation – Follow up of action taken
  • Permanent Legal support regarding GDPR matters
  • Update on any GDPR modifications


For any type of organization that processes personal data and wants to take care of their information systems and privacy, whether by processing data categorized as sensitive, “profiling”, or the use of new technologies in the processing of personal data. We offer our GDPR Services, including outsourcing of the Data Protection Officer’s responsibilities, conduct impact assessment (DPIA), if needed, as well as the important task of training staff.

  1. If you need a DPO you can outsource it to us. ePRODAT provides your organisation with legal and technical advice regarding compliance with existing European 
  2. Regulations on Personal Data Protection. Developed on flexible basis (privacy projects or full-time basis), eProdat will perform the functions of a DPO within the framework of a contract for the provision of services.

Outsourcing the DPO and its advantages:

  • Independence and confidentiality
  • Continuous on-site monitoring and management of privacy risks
  • Legal advice regarding GDPR/personal data processing. Recommendation of preventive measures to avoid security incidents (DATA BREACH) 
  • Support  GDPR projects. Receive support with an exhaustive knowledge of the regulations, accustomed to dealing with control authorities and the necessary technical measures. Being part of ePRODAT means your organization is part of a consultants  network with legal/technical backgrounds and experts in information security at European level    
  • Personal attendance and support with inspections by “European Data Protection Agencies “
  • Management of security breaches, with a corresponding notification to the Supervisory Authority and those affected.
  • Advice regarding the application of procedures for the exercise of data subjects’ rights (access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, data portability, object) and any technical operations thereby implied.
  1. DPIA act as an early warning system. A prior impact assessment should be carried out when there is a high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons depending on the type of processing, the use of new technologies and the nature, scope, context or purposes of the processing. The controller must assess the impact of the envisaged processing operations on the protection of personal data. An integral part of taking a privacy by design approach.


  • Identify and minimise the privacy risks of new projects or practices
  • Preventing unlawful processing
  • Implementing privacy by design and by default

GDPR – Legal-technical training is provided to enable all departments and staff of the organisation to be aware of legal and technical requirements regarding the new GDPR. 

For this purpose, a communication and dissemination plan is prepared to ensure that all personnel:

  • Understands the defined security protocol; employees understand the significance of information security principles and the threefold relationship existing with their duties: confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • Is aware of your organisation’s commitment to privacy and security regulation
  • Is up-to-date in the knowledge and understanding of information security and remains interested in the matter.

The contents of the courses developed by ePRODAT is used to support training through e-learning but can also be delivered on-site.


For those organisations that wish to internally manage data protection, eProdat has the tools to facilitate proactive compliance with GDPR. 


GDPR Software

If your business already has its know-how and documentation but is lacking a tool that enables the work to be automated, we offer our in-house GDPR software. Based on ePRODAT’s proprietary software (more than 10 years experience in the market), it has been specially developed for the management of companies that, because of their size or special features, wish to have quick, versatile and standarised management tools for all their Privacy Policies.  The software can be used for the ongoing maintenance of privacy management activities and is also the perfect tool to carry out the accountability of the GDPR and to have the means to justify such compliance. Implementation would be included with the acquisition of the software as well as fixed hours of training and support. 


GDPR Toolkit. 

This toolkit includes our in-house developed software and all the know-how and documentation required to deliver the best quality and most experienced GDPR services, fixed hours of training and implementation is also included. With these tools, that covers the whole GDPR, your organization will be able to process the consulting work automatically, delivering all the documentation through a customer’s portal and therefore achieving high productivity and efficiency in its department. 


Let's work together!

Grow and thrive in the emerging field of Personal Data Protection.

Work together, grow and thrive in the emerging field of Personal Data Protection
Our Collaboration framework goes beyond the acquisition of the software tool. Expanding our network and business model will allow all the companies associated with ePRODAT’s brand around Europe to thrive and grow in the Personal Data Field. Become part of the eprodat Network’s, adhering to eprodat’s franchise program where we would provide all our know-how, experience and expertise, support and potential clients to your organisation. Together we’re safer and stronger.

Let’s work together for specific projects upon request and with prior agreement from both parties. 

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